Now understand, I am an African girl born and bred. More specifically I am an Southern-tip-of-Africa girl, which many would say doesn’t really count as Africa. I have always been ready with a heated argument against that statement yet I find myself eating my words.

I have never in my life experience such heat. It is just a whole different kind of creature. Here in the heart of Limpopo I am struggling to adjust and I have had to be creative.

First things first, sunblock. And I don’t care how oily it makes your skin. For me it has become a daily ritual since I have discovered an alarming number of new freckles. Merely venturing out to the washing line has got me all lotioned up and ready for a fight.

Now the main thing I guess is actually going to sleep at night. It is virtually impossible to fall asleep when you feel like you are on a slow roast. It is just a very hostile feeling that invites nightmares. But I have worked out a routine. To Chrisjan’s dismay and chapped lips, I have an industrial size fan on us at all times. So before bed I have a shower, I don’t even bother drying off before placing a damp towel on my bed and laying down on top of it. Now with the fan on setting hurricane you tend to get dry quickly so I have one of those little mist spritzer bottles next to my bed to use as necessary, which adds to the hurricane theme. I sleep like a baby.

Having never been a morning person, it now thrills me to be up and about at 5am, enjoying the last few ‘cool’ hours of night air. These are my productive hour. For a few short hours I garden happily and write productively. But the rest of the day I can barely put sensible sentence together.

It is proving to be quite a challenge to adjust yet I know I will eventually. For now I will complain.

We have a cyclone heading our way and I know I shouldn’t be happy about that, but I really am.



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