Allow me to formally introduce Janka, our first female Dutch Shepherd.
Went we first got Janka she was already 12 months old. She was a skinny nervous girl who shied away from everyone and everything.
By no means was she mistreated, she simply had very limited exposure to different elements, including people.
But with a lot of love and attention, we bonded and so her confidence grew. Someone had her back.
She has amazing Romanian and French genetics so we initially got her with the purpose to asking her for a litter. We depend mostly on donations to expand our kennels so it is simple not realistic for us to buy a dog every single time. But it quickly became clear that she had more potential than just simply being a mother. So we started her training.
We are now focusing on her obedience and teaching her the formula to learning. To our greatest delight she is doing so well. Her eagerness to learn is only out weighed by her want for attention and love.
Because we got her at a much older age than the rest, she was already exposed to both English and Afrikaans. Meaning she has previous connections to some words which can make training confusing. It took some improvising from our part to create a blank sheet for her learning. We decided to do her training in Italian and she is picking up the words beautifully.
Depending on her development and the further growth of her confidence, we will determine if she will be trained later in detection or tracking.


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